Get started

Breakthrough Victoria is open for business. We are keen to hear from potential partners about the innovative ways we can work together to deliver transformative projects that will change the way we live, think and grow.

The best way to get started

  1. Familiarise yourself with Breakthrough Victoria’s investment streams and their eligibility criteria.
    • Foundation Technology and Platform Projects

      This investment stream will invest in enabling and shared technology facilities, research platforms and research infrastructure to underpin new discoveries, as well as the prototyping, translation and commercialisation activity required to bring discoveries towards commercialisation.

      Download this stream’s investment guidelines and FAQs

    • Creating the Pipeline

      This investment stream bridges the critical funding gap between research discoveries and the commercial development of new technologies and new ventures. Breakthrough Victoria will consider proposals for potential commercial products and wrap expertise, support and, if necessary, funding around these projects to test and validate commercial potential.

      Download this stream’s investment guidelines and FAQs

    • Catalyst for Change

      Catalyst for Change is Breakthrough Victoria’s demonstration of the desire to lead investments, to make higher risk investments and support companies to enter the market. This investment stream addresses the funding gap between a minimum viable product and meeting market need.

      Download this stream’s investment guidelines and FAQs

    • Catalyst for Growth

      Catalyst for Growth will make significant and long-term investments in established and well-performing companies with the objective of ensuring the majority of their operations remain in Victoria, generating significant jobs and local and domestic economic benefit.

      Download this stream’s investment guidelines and FAQs

  2. Create an account to access our online portal.
  3. Choose the investment stream best suited to your proposal, and double-check the investment guidelines so you can put your best proposal in.
  4. Fill in the proposal form.
  5. Breakthrough Victoria will be in touch about the outcome or progress of your submission.

Co-invest with Breakthrough Victoria

Breakthrough Victoria is always on the lookout for investment partners and encourages private and institutional investors to become involved. Email us at to express an interest in co-investment partnership opportunities.