Breakthrough Victoria is investing $3 million in MILLIBEAM, an innovative Australian semiconductor company aiming to accelerate the development and global adoption of their groundbreaking radio chipsets for mmWave 5G technology, enabling low cost 5G and 6G networks.

MILLIBEAM is at the forefront of semiconductor innovation, focusing on the development of radio chipsets that make mmWave 5G a practical and widely accessible technology for telecommunications carriers and users worldwide.


Investment type: Venture

Investment vehicle: Series A Preference Shares

BV investment : $3,000,000


MILLIBEAM is an Australian fabless semiconductor company, building breakthrough radio chipsets to make mmWave 5G a conventional reality for carriers and users globally. ​

MmWave is a type of super-fast 5G with exponentially greater bandwidth than standard 5G, thereby enabling significantly more users. The spectrum has been available for decades; however, there are some technical challenges that have led to poor adoption.


Addressing challenges such as high power consumption can significantly revolutionize 5G communication. mmWave, a short-range, high-frequency network technology, is anticipated to be the next evolution of 5G. Offering greater bandwidth, it promises faster speeds and increased capacity for users.

Overcoming existing issues like coverage and high-power consumption will permanently enhance wireless communication.

It is anticipated by 2035, applications requiring AI support on devices such as mobile phones will require low-latency wireless connectivity to the cloud, which is only possible through mmWave 5G.


Addressing issues such as high power consumption can significantly transform 5G communication. MILLIBEAM’s 's proprietary technology tackles challenges related to mmWave 5G coverage and high-power consumption, which stem from increased signal losses and the limitations of semiconductor technologies at mmWave frequencies. The company aims to enhance radio signal range tenfold and improve energy efficiency to 25% and beyond within the next five years.


MILLIBEAM is based in Melbourne Connect and plans to form a research partnership with a Victorian University over the coming year. The Melbourne Connect design centre currently employs four full-time specialised IC Design Engineers, a part-time Distinguished Systems Research Scientist, with plans to hire additional engineers and five technicians (for semiconductor packaging) based in Victoria this year. ​

This year, MILLIBEAM plans to set up a semiconductor packaging facility in Victoria. This facility is expected to be operational soon.​

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