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Show us what you’ve got - whether that’s product-market fit, a growing user base, or a convincing market strategy.


Show us you can achieve your ambitions - your roadmap for success based on your expertise.


Show us how you could provide a return, both economical and social or environmental.

At Breakthrough Victoria we are backing founders building great companies with :

  • Purpose-driven founders and great teams
  • A deep understanding of the problem
  • Breakthrough technologies or novel solutions
  • A compelling market opportunity
  • Traction - We want to see the progress you’ve made and how you plan to scale
  • Impact - We want to understand the impact your company will have on the state and the world!
  • Victorian teams or companies looking to setup and grow here

No matter who you are or where you’re from, we want to hear from you.

Pitch us your innovation

We want to invest in breakthrough innovation that will make an impact on peoples' lives. If you think you've got it, give us your best elevator pitch today.

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Other investment programs

We are also looking to invest in research infrastructure, shared technology facilities, research platforms and other funds to lift commercialisation and research translation rates.


Investing in infrastructure to spearhead collaboration with universities, research institutions and companies.


Fund investment

Co-investing with our partners to commecialise innovation.


Breakthrough Victoria Challenge

We seek innovative solutions from the broader scientific and innovation community to a nominated key issue. Click to learn more about this year's Breakthrough Victoria Challenge theme now.


Pitch Checklist

To help us understand more about what you’re working on, please share your pitch deck.

The Pitch Deck must address the following

  • Problem / opportunity (Outline the problem statement.)
  • Solution (What makes your solution an innovative and how does it address the problem?)
  • Market size (How big is the market and how do you plan to enter the market?)
  • Competitors (How is your solution better than your competitors consider your defensible position and sustainable competitive advantage?)
  • Traction (What progress have you made so far?)
  • Business model (How will your start-up be financially sustainable? Consider how you make money.)
  • Team background (Why are you the winning team? Consider team’s relevant background.)
  • How will you have an impact in Victoria
  • Your funding ask from Victoria and what will the funding enable your startup to achieve.

A content list for your initial pitch deck can be found in the link below.

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Investment process

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